Complete Financial Review


At RMC Financial Services we can offer you a free and complete financial review.  This review may cover one or all of the following:

  • Existing mortgages
  • Deposit rates
  • Investments
  • Savings plan
  • Life and illness cover premiums
  • Pensions

We contact each company, with your permission, to obtain details on costs, management fees, performances, terms & conditions etc. of the policies you hold.

A full summary of the findings is then provided to the customer with our view of the current financial position and recommendations made accordingly.

Some of the policies are good value for money and we would therefore advise to leave in force.  In other cases we have found that you may have the inappropriate cover (e.g. critical illness cover in excess of needs and life cover inadequate) and your premium may be higher than what can be currently achieved in the market place.

From our experience, customers are not being made aware of the choices that are available to them from their current financial institution.

This service is offered without an obligation on the customer to complete business with RMC Financial Services.

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