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Savings & Investments Make the most out of your hard earned cash. As Impartial Financial Advisors, RMC Financial Services has access to the majority of savings and investments products in the marketplace. Depending on your attitude towards risk versus return, we can recommend the investment or savings plan most suitable to your needs.
List of Savings and Investment types
  • Cash / Deposit Accounts
  • Lump sum Investments
  • Regular Savings Plan
  • Tax Efficient Savings Plan
We have all learned a hard lesson over the past few years that having all your eggs in one basket is not the best plan for investment purposes.  While property and bank shares were viewed as the most secure investment, anyone that did not diversify away from those assets, may not ever recover the significant losses incurred.   At RMC Financial Services we will source the most appropriate investments in the marketplace to suit your risk profile and your current financial circumstances.
As unbiased financial advisors, RMC Financial Services have the long term experience and professional knowledge to help you to choose the best options for your planned investment.
  When making an investment decision the following questions should be considered :
  • Do you want your money to be secure and safe?
  • Do you want the potential for a higher return without security of capital?
  • Can you tie up your money for a period of time?
  • Are you concerned about inflation?
  • Will you require an income from investment?
  • Is your financial advisor tied to any one provider or providers?
  • What impact will currency exchange rates have?
  • What happens if the euro collapses or Ireland breaks away from euro?
  • What costs are involved in setting it up and ongoing charges?
  • What are the tax implications and do I have to include investment on my tax returns?
Deposits At RMC Financial Services we will be able to guide you through both the institutional safety of the banks and also source the best deposit rates on the market for you.  Below are some points to consider before putting your funds on deposit :
  • Besides the main banks what are the other rates on offer?
  • You can obtain on demand, one month or longer fixed term rates.
  • If you are entering fixed term rates, can access be made available to some or any of your funds.
  • Deposits can be opened in different currencies, i.e sterling, US dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Danish Kroner and many others.
  • Government Guarantee Scheme, will your deposit be guaranteed.
Lump Sum Investments At RMC Financial Services we have access to all of the major investment houses operating in Ireland.  By using our knowledge and expertise, we will be able to advise you on investment opportunities that match your financial goals and risk profile. Gaining an in-depth understanding of our client’s investment objectives by building good relationships and understanding risk profile, time frame and overall financial goals is the foundation of our investment approach with you. Summary of lump sum investments :
  • Absolute Returns Funds
  • Tracker Bonds
  • Government & Corporate Bond Funds
  • Guaranteed Bonds/Funds
  • Equity Bonds/Funds
  • Property Bonds/Funds
  • Currency Funds
  • Commodity Funds
  • Bespoke Investment Funds
  • Direct Shareholding
  • Exchange Traded Funds
Regular Savings Plans Everyone benefits from saving Saving even small amounts regularly will help you to:
  • Manage your money and cope with unexpected expenses and emergencies
  • Afford things you need in the future
  • Borrow less
  • Ease financial stress
Where do I start? The best way to work out a savings plan is to: 1. What is your goal? 2. Is there a time frame set? 3. Consider how much you can save. 4. Returns required to reach the goal set, this will set the risk parameters for you. At RMC Financial Services we have access to all of the major investment houses operating in Ireland and using our knowledge and expertise we will be able to advise you on the best savings plan to meet your financial goals, with flexibility to amend savings as your circumstances may change from time to time.

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